1.  In Search of the Northwest Corner, a personal quest to find and see the very northwest corner of Iowa.

2.  A True Story of a Poor Soul, published in the Peoria Journal Star, about the dream of my wife Serafina here in Illinois, that preceded the news she received of the death of poor man she knew in Central America.

 Mom and The Cottonwood, a story about my mother and a cottonwood tree that stood in the yard of my boyhood home on the farm. It was published in the Journal Star of Peoria, Illinois, on May 14, 1978.   

4.   FJR, a story about my brother Francie.

5 Mom's 100thAn account of the life of my mother, Flotilla Elizabeth Frisbie, written for the 100th anniversary of her birth, January 19th, 1909.

6.   The Unknown Light, an encounter avoided on a lonely country road in Iowa in the 1940's

 An Immigrant Called Joe, a story about my father along with maps of the land of his birth in Europe.

8.   The Night of the Fire, a story about the night my mother died.

9.   A chance meeting, on a road in California.

10.  Sarah, a true story about a child, healthcare people would've aborted

11.  Serafina, a story about a girl who grew up in British Honduras

12First to Fly, a story about the solo flight of Amelia Earhart across the Atlantic in 1932, the entire flight happening within the first 24 hours of my life.

13.  The Last of the First, a writing about the last part of Amelia Earhart's flight, when she soloed the Atlantic, the first woman to do so. 

14. He Flew the Flag, a story about an American Hero

15. Before They Bombed Us, a story of aggression upon ships of ours, before they bombed the fleet at Pearl Harbor

16.  A POW Remembers, a story about Victor Reynolds, U.S. Navy, who was a captive of the Japanese during World War II and what he endured as a prisoner.

17. Snow So Deep, about animals in the snow and travel in it

18. The Dogs That Joined the Marines, about dogs in the Pacific

19. Remembering the Honor Flight to Washington and More, recalling the June 3rd, 2014, flight of veterans to Washington, other history and commentary

20.  The Boy Who Fell in a Barn, about a five-year-old who fell from a hayloft..


21.    The Leprechaun and the Fair Colleen, the story of the little one of Irish folklore and a maiden named Mary Caitlin.


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