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    Aug. 22, 2008    Virginia Gov Kaine's chance to run with Obama is kaput.   Kaine won't be Able. 
     Aug. 23, 2008   
●   For Obama it's Biden...and for McCain it's also bidin'... bidin' his time.                                              
    Aug 27, 2008      S2433 introduced by Obama is coming up for a Senate vote.  Called the Global Poverty Act, some conservative leaders say it's a potential  $845 billion UN giveaway of our tax dollars, a tax that's been estimated at $2,000 on every man, woman and child.    Obama's big thing is change.  Well, this is quite a chunk of change!
   Where will they get the money?   A UN advisor  said "a tax on carbon-emitting fossil fuels might be a way to begin."   Will the government be in our tanks for revenue, siphoning out more?   If so, tanks a lot, Obama
    Might we call this bill,  a vehicle for change?                   
    $845 billion would be a quite a haul...Taxahol
   The bill passed out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee without any public hearings.   It also passed the House, and both were voice votes, with no record kept of who voted in favor of it.   Is this what you call self service at the federal pump?  As far as open governance, it certainly isn't full service.
  Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana encouraged Obama to join the Foreign Relations Committee.  Lugar was the then Chairman of the Committee, and was the big gun who pointed him in that direction. 
   Oh yes, that above-mentioned UN advisor, is Columbia Univ. Prof. Jeffrey Sachs  who was a friend of Kofi Annan and who  criticized America as being stingy to alleviate global poverty (His name suggests Goldman Sachs in finance).  Considering the amount of money involved, might we think of  Sacks of money? 

    Aug. 30, 2008     ●   Yesterday Sen. McCain announced Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska as his running mate.  In April she gave birth to a Down's Syndrome child when it's reported that as many as 80% of  these babies are aborted.    For those of us who are prolife, she didn't let us Down.  Nor her precious baby.
  Palin and her husband Todd live on a lake and own a float plane.  If she flies it, wait for the Democrats to call her a Bush pilot.

     Sept. 2, 2008            Alaska's flag has eight gold stars on a blue background: the Big Dipper and the North Star.  It's a pretty flag.   North star Palin has brightened things for the GOP
●   In the darkness around the unborn, she's a star to guide upon.
  Palin's a hunter, but count on her  new political foes to hunt for ways to bring her down.  
   She's McCain's pick...for some others, it's pick, pick, pick...

     Sept. 11, 2008        According to a McCain spokesman,  some in the media demanded their campaign provide DNA  samples to prove Sarah Palin's son Trig is hers.  Their demands were described in terms of a deluge.  Well, not only were they all wet, but what they sought, was outside the bounds of decency.  Such suspicions and actions went beyond the pale...and beyond the Palin.  
   Down south in Georgia, another woman is running for office---Dr. Deborah Honeycutt for Congress.   A conservative Republican,  she stands firm for life, believes abortion is morally wrong and a national tragedy.   Her opponent, Democrat David Scott, voted against banning partial birth abortion.   God will not bless America for abortion and partial birth abortion is an egregious form of it.   Deciding, as Scott and others have done, doesn't bode well for the nation.   I dread Scott's decision...
  In 1787, the Colonial leader George Mason said at the Constitutional Convention, "By an inevitable chain of causes and effects, Providence punishes national sins by national calamities."  For those tempted to abortion, every Jane should think of calamity, and every Joe or John as well.
●   It's not just America.  As far back as 1973, Time Magazine said, "...abortion is practiced in nearly every country in the world."  Another report in 1999  said that approximately 46 million abortions were performed worldwide in 1995.  With such a climate of abortion, there should be a focus on global warning...

   Sept. 22, 2008      ●   If people flock to Obama as a leader, just thinking "Change, change...," they're half like sheep, or using a word I saw elsewhere, sheeple.   
  Remember the nursery rhyme about Little Bo Peep?  With his initials B O, you could also say these people for him are Bo Peeple... .
    Bo Peep lost her sheep and didn't know where to find them.  For the sake of the nation, would that Obama would lose his sheep...or the nation as we've known it,  may be lost.  And many may wish they could come home wagging their tails behind them.  But by then the nation may be shorn, liberally so.

                       ●     Speaking of a nursery rhyme, does his flock know his position on abortion and thereby his complicity in what it does?   The taking of innocent human life, robs the unborn of their's a nursery crime...
  Those who dispose of and waste hundreds of thousands of unborn lives, including those complicit in it, bring about a collective expanse, a barren space, equivalent to the emptying out of various of our states---a Wilderness of Sin.
    October 8, 2008 
  ●   We've experienced an economic crisis.  McCain is known as a maverick, and a maverick was a horse.  Count on the Democrats to try to saddle him with the bad economy and ride to power...

     October 27, 2009       Well, as it turned out, the Democrat donkey won the race, with Obama riding it to power.   And it very well may be that race won the race...the perception of him as Black or African American.
 ●  I read it reported -- and seemingly under-reported -- that Obama is 50% Caucasian from his mother's side; 43.75% Arabic and 6.25% African Negro from his father's side.  I also read that in Kenyan records, his father was officially classified as "Arab African".   If these reports are true, then if he's  twofold anything, he's Arab-American, with his Arab component more than seven times his Negro, as far  as public consciousness in general, were we left in the dark?  
   It was also reported that to even claim minority status, federal law required, that you must be at least 12.5% of the racial component you claim.   Again, if this is the truth, Obama's was only half that... and accordingly, he's Half-rican. 
●  I don't want to see government-run health care nor health decisions being made by bureaucrats... people who, with the Democrats in power, we might call "Burro-crats."

      April 16, 2010        ●  Say NO to the U Nanny States of America!
●  With all the Czars in the Obama administration, there's yet another czar ―
The citizen drowning in debt: the Czar Nickel-less

     Thinking of the coming election,  and some in officemake it NOvember                                       

       July 9, 2010           
   RNC Chairman Michael Steele has come under fire for his comments on the Afghan war, with McCain calling for him to step down and Lieberman saying the "the backlash among Republicans was 'heartening.' "      Whatever  the case with Steele, let's hope the GOP will have steel in its backbone in dealing with the Democrats and the Administration. 

       October 2, 2010      Today we cast our votes.  Let's see if we cast some out of power!

       March 13, 2013     ●  (12:52 pm  Central Daylight Time) About watching the chimney on the roof of  the Sistine Chapel, when it pours out white, I hope for Holy Smoke.    And about that seagull that landed there...maybe it too was waiting to see who would steer the Bark of Peter upon the troubled seas of the world.    

        August 19,  2020    
●  It's been a long time since I've added to this page.  We've had Trump trumping and others thumping him.  I'm tired of the annoyances of these others.   I fear for the country if they triump in the election.   You notice there's an "I" in triump, another form of "me."  

                                                                                        ― John Riedell

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