Letter to Senator Obama     

For Senator Obama to see (sent through his website), July 18, 2008

Dear Senator Obama:

      I was glad to see in the news that you say mental distress shouldnít qualify as a health exception for a late-term abortion. But thereís more to consider on this issue. I have noted your position on abortion, and believe youíve been mispersuaded by what others have said or believe in error. I would like to ask that you would kindly re-examine your position.

      And I ask this, not only for the sake of the unborn but for the sake of the nation, because not only is there consequence for the baby but thereís a consequence for the nation.

     Senator, youíve been placed under secret service protection and have a detail of agents guarding you. Youíre accorded extraordinary protection for your life. Sadly, the unborn child subject to abortion, isnít even accorded ordinary protection for its life. Itís left totally unprotected. It doesnít matter how tiny or undeveloped the unborn are, or even how many cells they have, itís that they exist as human. What is happening to them by the millions is even a greater wrong than slavery was, because itís more than an unjust treatment of people; itís the very taking of their lives.

     Itís being done under the guise of a womanís right. The rights a woman has, do not include ďa rightĒ to kill her child. It's not a right; it's a wrong . Once a child is conceived, the womb should become his or her own sovereign space, a kind of enclave not subject to aggression from without. For the woman, the embryo is not part of her, but a being apart from her.

     Science tells us that the reproductive cells contain 23 chromosomes, half the ordinary complement of 46 found in the other cells of the body. At conception the reproductive cells join together, and when this single cell divides, it divides into cells of 46 chromosomes. The genes in the chromosomes are aligned in pairs, one from the mother and one from the father, a genetic arrangement differing from either parent. You have the commencement of another and a new life, a life knit to an eternal destiny beyond..

     This value of life issue is one that looms like a mountain, towering over other issues, and clearly seen, may be envisioned like a Mt. Kilimanjaro rising above the clouds with its ice and snow shining in the sun, the snow bespeaking the unsullied innocence of unborn. Unfortunately the truth of it, for many, seems clouded in confusion and misunderstanding.

     There was a man influential in the American history, a Southerner who favored freeing the slaves. He had a part in writing Virginia's Declaration of Rights which Thomas Jefferson drew upon in writing the Declaration of Independence. He worked hard at the Constitutional Convention, yet his signature is not upon the Constitution itself, partly because he wouldn't compromise on slavery. He was George Mason.

     On August 22nd, 1787, during the debates of the federal convention, Col. Mason said, ďEvery master of slaves is born a petty tyrant. They bring the judgment of Heaven on a country. As nations cannot be rewarded or punished in the next world, they must be in this. By an inevitable chain of causes and effects, Providence punishes national sins by national calamities.Ē Seventy some years later our country was torn apart by the Civil War, resulting in about a million casualties.

     I believe we must seriously consider Masonís words when thinking about the problems of today. Insofar as humans affect the course of events, God could and may let us to punish ourselves through our own decisions and votes.

     I think it reasonable to conclude God will not bless America for abortion nor for actions akin to it. Iím afraid we are vulnerable to chastisement, if it isnít happening already through the weather and the economy, as a warning to us--lesser happenings than what might or could yet occur.

    Your big thing is change, but it depends what that change is whether it is good or not. If you lead this nation further into abortion and things akin to it, then Iím afraid you would place this nation in greater peril. We need a change of course away from abortion.

     Senator, kindly help ours to be a more civilized society by standing to protect the most vulnerable among us, the innocent unborn.

                                                          Thank you, John Riedell


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