Letter to Mitch McConnell                                                                    

To Mitch McConnell for Senate & Support American Innovation and Energy Exploration, written May 31, 2008

Develop our own energy sources and get our own oil out of the ground in Alaska and here at home. Let this be our slogan as a nation: Not just explore, but get out more! Get out more of our own oil and produce more energy from our own sources.

And talking about sources, who are the domestic sources of our dependence on foreign oil, at the root and cause of our present problem? These people should be held accountable, be they the voter, the voted for, or those who influence policy. For the sake of America, set aside or drill on through their influence, down to what is good for this country.

Considering our vulnerablity and what it's costing us -- circumstances that we live in -- it has created a poorer environment in America.

John Riedell, Metamora, Illinois


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