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See The Importance of Ichthys, about fish, the ancient acronym and its possible link to a mosaic discovered in southeastern Turkey by former FBI  investigator Philip Dayvault.   He traveled there in search of oil lamps of antiquity with facial engravings similar the face of the Shroud of Turin, the traditional burial cloth of Jesus Christ and a subject of his study since 1973.  He believes that a body of evidence points to the mosaic being the same as the image on the Shroud. (click on Commentary on the right.)
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It Does Not Befit a Civilized Society
Among the issues that confront our nation is one that looms like a mountain, and clearly seen, may be envisioned like a Mt. Kilimanjaro rising above the clouds. Unfortunately the truth of it, for many, seems clouded in confusion and misunderstanding.  The issue I speak of, is the value of life issue: that human life begins at conception. Those who do not have a regard for life at its beginning and destroy it through abortion or actions equivalent to it, and those who support and side with them, are one by one having an dark effect on this nation, which may bring about terrible consequences.

      There was a man influential in the American history, a Southerner who favored freeing the slaves.  He had a part in writing Virginia's Declaration of Rights which Thomas Jefferson drew upon in writing the Declaration of Independence.  He worked hard at the Constitutional Convention, yet his signature is not upon the Constitution itself, partly because he wouldn't compromise on slavery.  He was George Mason.
      On August 22nd, 1787, during the debates of the federal convention, Col. Mason said, "Every master of slaves is born a petty tyrant.  They bring the judgment of Heaven on a country.  As nations cannot be rewarded or punished in the next world, they must be in this.  By an inevitable chain of causes and effects, Providence punishes national sins by national calamities."   
      Seventy some years later our country was torn apart by the Civil War, resulting in about a million casualties, and basic to the conflict was the issue of slavery, which involved a group of people.  The unborn are a group of people as well. It doesnít matter how tiny or undeveloped they are, itís who they are. Itís that they exist as human. What is happening to them by the millions is even a greater wrong than those subjected to slavery, because itís more than an unjust treatment of people; itís the very taking of their lives.

      Itís being done under the guise of a womanís right. The rights a woman has, do not include a right to kill her child.  It's not a right; it's a wrong.  Once a child is conceived, the womb becomes his or her own sovereign space, a kind of enclave not to be aggressed upon from without.  For the woman, the embryo is not part of her, but a being apart from her. 

      According to the historian Warren Carroll, in 1487, exactly three centuries before the federal convention, a temple was dedicated to an Aztec god in Tenochtitlan, in what is Mexico City today, and atop it, they sacrificed thousands of victims over a period of four days. God did not permit human sacrifice to continue without end.  30 some years later Tenochtitlan fell.  An old Mexican historian estimated that one out of five of the children in Mexico were sacrificed.  A horror to think about, but in this country the ratio of those sacrificed in abortion is even worse.  Iíve seen a figure that there are 306 abortions for every 1,000 pregnancies in the U.S. (2003), over 30%.  This places the ratio between one in three and one in four.  And where are they sacrificed?  In the body, the temple of the Holy Spirit!

       It is at and from the time of conception that a new life is to be respected, that is, at fertilization and not implantation.  Iíve read that there was a worry that if the general public found out about an abortifacient effect of the pill, they would reject it.  There was a meeting of officials of the FDA, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, some drug companies and Dr. Alan Guttmacher, who ruled that conception no longer would mean the union of reproductive cells, but implantation would mean conception, and pregnancy would begin then.  This is not true.  In their minds they moved the beginning of life.  God determines the beginning, not men.   Iíve also read that almost nobody was told about it then and that most doctors and clergymen are unaware of this redefinition now.   Based on this falsehood, some may believe itís permissible to do research during the period between fertilization and implantation, but if so, they are being sadly, sadly misled.  The blind leading the blind.
      Science tells us that the reproductive cells contain 23 chromosomes, half the ordinary complement of 46 found in the other cells of the body.  At conception the reproductive cells join together, and when this single cell divides, it divides into cells of 46 chromosomes.  The genes in the chromosomes are aligned in pairs, one from the mother and one from the father, a genetic arrangement differing from either parent.  You have the commencement of another and a new life.
      Whatever destroys the unborn's life from conception on, is killing a human and is wrong, whether by surgical or chemical abortion, by an abortifacient effect of birth control, or by embryonic stem cell research, which in reality is a form of human cannibalism.

      Jesus came into the world through the womb.  It was the way of the Truth and Life of Him.  He was once an unborn Person, our embryonic Savior and the fetal Son of God.

      Itís reasonable to conclude God will not bless America for abortion nor for actions akin to it.  Iím afraid we are vulnerable to chastisement, if it isnít happening already through the weather and the economy, as a warning to us--lesser happenings than what might or could yet occur. 

      Consider, for example, S. 2020, a bill to prohibit the government from protecting the unborn from abortion. This 2020 is not a sign of good sight, but is a sign of poor sight: a clouded and blinded vision for our nation.  If this law is enacted, and embryonic stem cell research and the like are further promoted as a result of this coming election, eroding further our moral life as a nation, it is possible history will record that calamity followed in the wake of the election: that the nation voted in its own chastisement.  

      This slaughter of the innocents cannot go on.  It offends the Creator of life, it corrodes our culture and it does not befit a civilized society. 
John Riedell, March 29, 2008

We all await the dawn of a new life...
          We live in the womb of the world, breathe from an ocean of air, drink of the waters of the earth and take our nourishment from its plant s, animals and minerals.   We need our airy realm to exist.  Cast us out into space and we'll die.  We are very dependent creatures, tethered by an "umbilical cord" to Our Creator and await the dawn of a new life, apart from this one.  We move from an internal world, to an external one, and yet unborn, to an eternal one...  JR

Naval Insignia of the author, a 1950 graduate of the U.S. Navy school of journalism at Great Lakes, Illinois

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