A Valuable Dowry                  

       A dowry, by one definition, is "the money, goods, or estate that a woman brings to her husband in marriage."    It's not that it's wrong to have a certain amount of material things, within reasonable bounds, but that isn't all there is to life.

       We live in a world with sin and bad examples of a sexual nature which may even appear "normal" for our young people.  That's sad.  I was recently told of a nice young girl, a senior in a Catholic school, who was approached by a boy who wanted to cross the line, sexually, saying everybody does it.  I'm proud of this girl for rejecting his advance. She said to him, "Don't ever bring that up to me again"!  If only Eve had responded to the serpent this way.

       Everybody?  Even if everybody else were to fall into error, it doesn't make theirs the path to follow.  What really matters is what every body does in concert with the soul—that the body is in accord with the will and intent of God.

      There is another dowry that isn't material worth or wealth, but is one that's formulated in one's character.  Some people are economically better off than others, and some may be poor, but every maiden has a chance to possess this dowry with its richness.

      She can preserve her innocence, hold fast to her virtue, and live a life of goodness and fidelity to the faith. This is a valuable dowry to have, and to hold.  It is more precious than jewels.  Let no boy or man astray in his thinking, steal it from her.  It's her dowry to protect and to bring to marriage. 
                                                                                                  —John Riedell

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