To the Sioux Falls Argus Leader May 22nd, 2008.  Here’s a longer piece of what I sent yesterday, being submitted before their June primary as a guest column for Reader’s Forum.  A letter was submitted May21, but there was an option for this longer piece. 

      I’ve read that were not supposed to talk about Obama’s ears, and among other things, his preacher, his lack of experience, his flag pin, his income, appeasement, and his voting record.
      If we are so curbed in speech regarding his candidacy, then it seems to me we’ve lost some of the freedom America is supposed to enjoy.
      Such a limitation to speak, bridles us like horses, to trod only the path that others decide for us. Well, we’re not horses, nor other kin to their kind. We need to be free to speak about and evaluate the qualifications of candidates for office.
       We need to examine, for example, Obama’s record, including his record in the Illinois legislature.  As a state legislator in 2002 Obama voted against the Induced Infant Liability Act meant to protect babies surviving late-term abortion.

      Twice the Induced Act came up in a committee Obama served on. He voted “present” at the first reading, and “No” at the second.
      After the state senate went Democrat in 2003, the bill was referred to the Health and Human Services Committee which Obama chaired. He never called it up for a vote.
      A registered delivery ward nurse named Jill Stanek testified for the Induced Infant Liability Act bills. She was a witness to living aborted babies left to die and testified before Obama twice. She said her testimony didn’t faze Obama. It’s even reported that she presented pictures “of very premature babies” from a neonatal resusitation book from the American Pediatric Association, which she said didn’t faze Obama.  
       By comparison at the federal level, a similar law called the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, in 2002 was signed by the President It passed unanimously in the Senate with only 15 House members opposing it. The state and federal bills sought the same treatment for a survivor of abortion, as a wanted baby born prematurely and given medical attention to save its life.
        I submit this is the sort of thing that should be spoken of and known, about any candidate, because it deals with qualifications for office. Leaving a baby to die without help, is a heartless and callous act, and certainly not a recommendation for the Presidency of this country. It is a serious flaw for leadership.         John Riedell

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