The Race Factor
      Will race play a part in this election?  The race factor is most often used -- or misused -- in reference to discriminating against a person because of one's race.  However, discriminating can work both ways, where, for example, in the case of a vote, you choose a person because of race, and that will be the subject of this commentary.  

      If most Blacks vote for Obama because of the perception of his being Black -- and many Whites as well -- then the element of race will most certainly be operative.

       But race or skin color shouldn't really have anything to do with one's vote. It should come down to the candidate's qualifications, and what that person is and has done that would indicate whether the candidate is suited for the job. In the case of the Presidency, that suitability should be for the good of the nation. A vote shouldn't be based upon race, but upon factors apart from it.

      Many will be voting for the Democratic candidate in this election, believing their vote will be for the first Black American President.  Or first African American, if you prefer that designation.

                                                                                                                               John Riedell     


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