An Emancipation Proclamation for the Unborn                        

    Whereas the unborn are not free of the mortal threat of abortion, as they should have every right to be;

    Whereas the subjection of the unborn to this threat, comes from within the government that should protect them, but whose laws and pronouncements provide legal access to their destruction;

    Whereas the laws and pronouncements come from the actions of persons who govern;

    Whereas the President governs and has shown himself, by his own record, to be for access to abortion, and has already signed an executive order to allow taxpayer funds to go overseas, to groups that perform or promote abortions;

     Whereas the U. S. Senate voted 60 to 37 in January, against an amendment to reinstate the prohibition against funding abortions that President Obama had rescinded by executive order;

      Whereas the U.S. Supreme Court has been complicit in abortion by ruling in favor of allowing it, in Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton;

      Whereas, of record, there has been complicity in abortion by other members of government; 

      And Whereas, in this particular, persons of this mind cannot be relied upon to decide what is always morally right, for the unborn and for the nation...

      Let it be declared that We the People of this nation, hereby oppose the taking of unborn life, and state openly, that it is an unprincipled and unjust use of Presidential, Congressional and Judicial authority; that it is an abuse of power; and that it discriminates against the weakest and most vulnerable among us.

      Let it also be declared that abortion treats the unborn as one in subjection to another as an owner, if not as one's property, and that abortion takes away personal freedomconditions applicable to a slave.

      Let it be stated that it goes counter to the preamble of the Declaration of Independence, wherein it states that all are created equal and endowed with the inalienable Right to Life.

      Let it be understood that unborn life begins at the moment the cells from the mother and father join together in what is truly called conception, a time set by the Creator of humankind.

      Let the womb of a woman with child, be regarded as sovereign space for the unborn, not to be aggressed upon from without.

      Let us hereby Proclaim the Emancipation of the Unborn: that they ought be set free from the power of others to control whether they live or die: that they should have the freedom to be born without threat to their life, as "the Laws of Nature and Nature's God entitle them."

                                        ―John Riedell  (277th Anniversary of George Washington's birth)

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