Done circa 1966 for KVFD-TV, Ft. Dodge, Iowa.                                   Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev was the First Secretary of the
A two stage cartoon with "Hebrew" on an overlay,                             Communist Party of the Soviet Union after the death of Joseph   
to appear second, answering the question.  (A                                     Stalin and was Premier from March 27, 1958, to Oct. 14, 1964.
humorous reply to that might be, "He already has gin"                       Here he's the "Nick" in the sickle.                                   
but that of course isn't the point.  Kosygin
succeeded Khrushchev as Premier.

   Published May 21, 1963, Times Herald, Carroll, Iowa       

Dated Febr. 26, 1969

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