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                                                            Dark Star of the East

        With stars of religion in the sky, confrontational weapons form a dark star of five points. (dated March 9, 1969).   You'll also see stars used as images in other cartoons on this page, as well as the moon.  
        The six-pointed star of two overlaid equilateral triangles is a symbol of Israel and of Jewish identity. 
        There's an interesting story that may explain its origin.  In the 2nd century before Christ, the Hebrew army was confronted by Grecian forces.   Uniforms weren't in use and a shield would hide a soldier.  Some form of ID was needed to differentiate friend from foe.  King David, who led the Israelites to victory, was a hero to the Jewish people.  It seems the Hebrews thought to evoke his memory to save them and to fight under his sign to attain victory.  But space on the shield was limited and the Greeks didn't know Hebrew.  So the Hebrews chose to use Greek letters on their shields, for the Greeks to read.  David began and ended with the Delta letter of the Greek alphabet.  To save space the Deltas were interlocked instead of placed next to one another and the Star of David was embossed on their shields.   It came to be recognized as their symbol.
       The Crescent Moon of Islam signifies the moon on the increase, and it's said to represent the Mohammedan belief that their religion will grow until it fills the world round.





Dated Nov. 25, 1979                                       

The delta-winged Mirage IIICJ was the backbone of the Israeli air force during much of the 1960's, but its relatively short range limited it for ground-attack operations.  At Israel's request, the Dassault company began development of the Mirage 5, removing some avionics behind the cockpit, to enable it to carry more fuel.  In 1968 Dassault completed 50 Mirage 5J's, paid for by Israel, but an arms embargo by France prevented their delivery.
            Still A Mirage




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