"You wouldn't smile either if you had to fork the load over."



     A two-phase cartoon done in the 1960's for KVFD-TV, Ft. Dodge, Iowa.  Par t I depicted the spray can of  conformity, aimed at the Amish.  In Part II, done as an overlay,  the finger of some Iowans sprays them.  The words "sect repellent or killer?" were drawn to fall upon the circle of the can.  In looking at it now, I wonder if  this wording was somewhat open to misunderstanding, but this is what was written.  The overlay, as drawn, was adapted for use here.


                       Published October 1965                                                       
                                                                                                                           ( Iowa's known as "the land where the tall corn grows.")


                                                                                                     Long Shadow of Cuba's Defensive Buildup

                                                                                             Published with an editorial in Febr. 1965 issue of  Midland
                                                                                                                            Schools, the official publication of the Iowa State Education

                                                                                                    Association. The cartoonist taught in Iowa from 1961 to 1967.
1964 Model

At the time this was drawn there was concern about  the disappearance of the bald eagle. Here the decline in young is shown, with the eagle flying in the area of eastern Iowa and the Mississippi.   The detail of another cartoon on extinction is shown to the right, with the fuller cartoon below.    
           Wafting Downward...the Feather of Extinction?
    (Note the outline of Iowa at the Mississippi River)           

                                                         Withdrawal from the Soil Bank


                                                        The Future Wintering Place?
                                                                                                 (Original cropped)
With reference to the gravestone, the passenger pigeon once flew the skies of North America.  John James Audubon saw a flock in 1813 fly by in a continuous stream for three days, so thick that the flock darkened the sun.  The bird had pinkish, dark gray plumage, and its nesting grounds covered thousands of acres.  During nesting season many carloads were sent to market, and sold in New York and Chicago for a penny or two apiece. The last known passenger pigeon in the U.S. died in the Zoological Gardens at Cincinnati in 1914.

                   A reaction in Iowa to a tragedy in the space program in 1967

With the newspaper headline A chilling cry: fire!, this cartoon captioned "Moonset at Cape Kennedy," was published by the Fort Dodge Messenger and Chronicle (Ft. Dodge, Iowa), the day after the tragic fire. More of the front page shown below.

Another picture of the cartoon with information on the tragedy is shown in the space category.  The cartoon there shows a wavy  pattern in its reproduction that's not part of the original.  But then neither is the "screen effect" on the water as it appears in the reproductions here.  The original itself is damaged, perhaps from a basement flooding years ago.

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